• Suitable for Aqueous/Non-Aqueous and Red-Ox titrations.
  • Valve less Dispenser suitable to handle various Titrants.
  • Titrant can be changed within no time.
  • Cumbersome Piston Burette is eliminated for ease of operation.
  • No Refilling is necessary after every titration.
  • Eliminates the need of interchangeable burette for different titrants.
  • Supports two methods for Normality. Standard Sample and Volumetric.
  • Up to 10 Peaks can be determined in Multi Peak Mode.
  • Test method storage facility for 100 test methods.
  • Password protected data.
  • Built-in Volume Validation Facility.
  • PS-2 Keyboard (QWERTY Keyboard) Interface for easy alphanumeric data entry.
  • Three User Level based functionality: Admin, Manager and Operator.
  • Role Based Access Control.
  • Login Screen to login onto software.
  • Incorporated with User management Module for Account Setting, Editing etc.
  • Uniqueness of User Id.
  • Pass Word Management as per guidelines.
  • System Time-outs after idleness
  • The system tracks the print & re-prints with the audit trail.
  • Back-Up Folder Facility
  • PC Interface through Ethernet
  • Results are authenticated by Operator with Date and Time Stamped.
  • All user actions are recorded in Audit Trail with Date and Time Stamped.
  • System does not allow the editing of Audit trail.

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