• Melting Point of three samples can be determined at the same time.
  • Boiling Point can be determined for one sample.
  • Graphical representation with Time V/S. Temperature.
  • Provision for Unknown/New product evaluation.
  • Validation Program for Standard samples.
  • 8 Operator names can be stored with INDIVIDUAL PASSWORD.
  • Memory to store around 100 test records.
  • Equipped with camera and color monitor to observe Melting Point with ease.
  • Temperature range: Room temperature +2 °C - 300 °C.
  • Input: Tactile Keyboard + PS - 2 keyboard.
  • Printer Facility: Available.
  • Optional special software for transferring data to local PC.
  • Three tier operator hierarchies will be provided for security and instrument access.
  • Role Based Access Control.
  • User has to enter correct user ID and password to access their authorized jobs.
  • Incorporated with User management Module for Account Setting, Editing etc.
  • Individual Unique Id and Password.
  • Pass Word Management as per guidelines.
  • System Time-outs after idleness
  • The system tracks the print & re-prints with the audit trail.
  • PC Interface through Ethernet.
  • Results are authenticated by Operator with Date and Time Stamped.
  • All user actions are recorded in Audit Trail with Date and Time Stamped.
  • System does not allow the editing of Audit trail.